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Walking along the typical country roads of San Miniato in Tuscany amongst cultivated fields and enchanting hills a well-kept lawn attracts attention, it is the perfect setting of the restaurant Il Convio. Completely isolated from the noise of the city and surrounded by greenery. A place where nature and those who love it meet and never want to part ways.


Il Convio is a typical nineteenth-century farmhouse consisting of a rectangular building surrounded by a beautiful loggia and a large patio covered by wisteria. There is plenty of space, the restaurant can accommodate two hundred people inside and two hundred outside however it still offers a cosy and intimate ambiance where all who stop by to eat are at ease.


The menu is strongly rooted in classic Tuscan traditions and the genuine produce of the surrounding area. Platters full of cheeses, sausages and fresh vegetables are on offer as well as delicious meat dishes, finely prepared fish, pasta and homemade desserts. The specialities that set Il Convio apart from other restaurants are the recipes using truffles which are to be found in the area throughout the year.


The restaurant Il Convio is open for lunch and dinner and it is able to provide a special service which satisfies both the occasional visitor and to those who want, at any time of the year, to organize a ceremony in style, whether it’s a birthday, a celebration of a baptism, a wedding reception or an anniversary, and those who dream of something unforgettable accompanied by music and entertainment.


Here families with children are completely at home. Special attention is given to children, both when they are at the table and in the outdoor recreation areas. They can enjoy recipes dedicated to their tastes with prices that are adjusted accordingly, and there are playground facilities on the surrounding lawn designed specifically for their enjoyment and where they are always visible to the adults.


At the moment Il Convio offer everything we tell you about in these pages and much more. You’ll find out more and experience it for yourself when you come. If all this seems a lot, soon there will be a further development that will add to the restaurant service also the opportunity of overnight stays in our rooms. The staff of Il Convio will keep you updated on future developments.


Walks around the Convio

Walking in the beautiful countryside of San Miniato is a pleasure all year round. Admire the colours of nature that change, smell the scents of the pure clean air, unwind and fully immerse yourself in nature, all this is really therapeutic. There is no age limit to taking a quiet and carefree walk at any time, every excuse is good to stretch your legs and let your mind wander allowing you to regain contact with nature something that sometimes seems lost forever. Pick mushrooms, harvest chestnuts, look for asparagus… go bird watching, take photographs, do a landscape painting… and, after having enjoyed the excursion, your palate will enjoy a visit to Il Convio, go on why not…?

Trails for the more adventurous

Of course, the area around Il Convio is also suitable for more challenging trips, such as trekking along forest trails or mountain biking for sport enthusiasts. The Convio is an ideal departure and arrival point that is a place for the restoration of all types of travellers. It has also become a place to get together and meet up, here you can share passions that go from sport to nature which pleasurably end up at the table!

Events in San Minato

Fortunately, the customs of the past still continue to be maintained in the area. The events during the year are always joyfully celebrated by the local people and the staff of Il Convio help. They prepare the restaurant and, on every occasion, receive guests to the best of their abilities allowing guests to enjoy the event. Menus are also specially prepared for the occasions.

San Minato's truffles

Those who don’t have it, would like to have it… but here we have it all year round! It’s really good luck to have a natural treasure like the Truffle hidden underground. Here you can find the truffle all year round and the cuisine of Il Convio specially creates a variety of delicious dishes dedicated to it. Here the truffle festival lasts for 12 wonderful tasty months!

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