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The restaurant Il Convio takes its name from the old custom of using a cotton canvas cloth, ‘the convio’, to wrap and protect the food brought to the fields not only to feed the workers but also to cheer their spirits while they laboured.

This is depicted in the logo of the restaurant, where a man who is walking and carrying a stick on his shoulder with a bundle attached to it, that’s the ‘convio’, full of food and local products for the workers who the man had to deliver the food to. Today, the cuisine of Il Convio carries on the centuries old priceless culinary traditions safeguarding them and, in some cases, remodelling them in order to delight the most demanding palates of modern visitors who perhaps without knowing it find themselves enjoying and appreciating the cuisine of the past.


Everything that is consumed within the walls of this farmhouse has not travelled very far at all to get to the table thus keeping intact its freshness and authenticity. The wine, for example, made only from Sangiovese grapes and indigenous grapes, comes from the vineyard adjacent to the land of Il Convio, just a few meters from the tables where the meals are served! It is grown and produced by Beconcini, the most important winemaker in San Miniato and is so good, genuine, soft and fragrant that it has been chosen as the house wine.


Only the most skilled hands can blend ancient flavours and typical local ingredients of the renowned prestigious culinary traditions. This is why the kitchen of this restaurant offers excellent meat dishes, fish, pasta and homemade desserts, in addition to providing special distinctive dishes throughout the year and in all season exploit the natural treasure typical of this area, namely the truffle. The restaurant is much loved by truffle hunters, and also by fans of this refined taste that, thanks to the imagination and skill of the chefs of Il Convio, is combined in many tasty genuine recipes. All of this elegantly accompanied by a flavoursome glass of a renowned local wine.

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